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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Drug abuse and adolescents a critical analysis

Author(s): Aashia Maryam Jaan and Amandeep Kaur

Abstract: The usage of drugs worldwide is more harmful than terrorism, starvation, earthquakes, and tsunamis combined. Drug cartels that operate internationally represent a severe threat to the global economy, national security, and human welfare. A lot of money is made by using sophisticated smuggling methods and many smuggling routes. When someone brings up their habit of using drugs, the person who has it most of the time tries to avoid talking and walks away. As a result, they constantly lie to their parents in order to obtain money from them and purchase drugs that are extremely dangerous for their health. They also constantly try to hide their addictions from their parents and lie to them. Teens today are frequently addicted to drugs due to the simple availability of drugs, but their environment also plays a significant influence in their lives. This includes their family environment, parenting issues, school connections, etc. Teenagers use marijuana, tobacco, and other drugs. In fact, the majority of people develop addictions when they are with a little age they use painkillers, antibiotics for energy, etc. It is challenging for someone who is addicted to using drugs to advance. Depending on the type and amount of drugs used, there are differences in the risk of addiction and the speed at which users get addicted. For instance, compared to other drugs like alcohol and opium, opioid medications have a higher risk of addiction and can lead to addiction more quickly.

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Aashia Maryam Jaan, Amandeep Kaur. Drug abuse and adolescents a critical analysis. Int J Criminal Common Statutory Law 2022;2(2):14-17.
International Journal of Criminal, Common and Statutory Law

International Journal of Criminal, Common and Statutory Law

International Journal of Criminal, Common and Statutory Law
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